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Electrical Work

The Journey Of Our Company Started In Dubai

The journey of our company started with specialized services and slowly changed into a complete combined House maintenance company.The main goal of our company is to provide value for clients with much devotion to all legal compliance. The organization is faithful to the well-being of the employees and plays an important role in given that career development chances to them.

Our Management Strategy

  • Work with astrict devotion to all legal and supervisory condition.
  • Continuous improvement for customization to increase customer’s desire and satisfaction.
  • To provide quality and consistent service

  • It Is The Peak Of Summer In Dubai

    Imagine this situation: It is the peak of summer in Dubai, at that point your freshening and cooling part all of an unexpected leave working! Electrical issues like this can happen whenever machines all of an unexpected left working, and sockets produce no power, or lights don't turn on. When you end up in this situation, connect with Clean and Shine, the company that gives the electrical services in Dubai homes and organizations can simply depend on to resolve any electrical issue.

    We provide our best service to fix electrical problems and we serve you in 24/7. We done all type of electrical installation, fixing light fixture with satisfactory result. We have also a domestic service which providing our customer

    Different Electrical Services that we are offering?

    • Fixing light fixture
    • Electrical installation
    • Electrical testing
    • Installation and fault finding
    • Installation of electrical light fitting
    • Electrical appliances switches
    • Garden lights and emergency lights

    We Provide One Of The Best Services In Dubai

    We provide one of the best services in Dubai along many other features that make us prominent and trustful for our customers. We have best top professional electricians in Dubai and working with insurance. When you need us any electrical services in Dubai we provide the best and experts electricians with excellent skills. Our working staff work with insurance which means God prohibit, if there is an instance of the workplace, our insurance provider will pay for all kinds of repair and harm with yours too.

    Fixing Any Issue That Includes Electricity

    Fixing any issue that includes electricity can be dangerous, mainly on the chance that you are unfamiliar or on the chance that you are not met all requirements to do as such. To confirm everything is fixed properly and to keep any dreadful incidence, it is best to leave the task to aproficient electrician. We have a group of professionals and experienced experts who are prepared, authorized, and protected to perform repairs, establishments, and keep on a power framework.

    We are extremely focused to given that to our customers a complete variety of electrical Services. Offered services are rendered by skilful professionals by employing advanced methods in strict devotion to the set industry instructions. Provided services are really valued for their consistency and well-timed completing. We offer these services to our customers as per their desires at most reasonable prices.

    Our Services

    • Handyman
    • Aircon work
    • Electrical work
    • Painting work
    • Plumbing work
    • Carpentry work
    • Moving services
    • Water heater
    • Fit out services
    • Cleaning work
    • Maintenance Contracts