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kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

Maintenance dxb works differently to many other kitchen cabinets manufacturers. Our unique approach allows you to design your ideal kitchen before choosing and ordering the Kitchen Cabinets from our Maintenancedxb. We are constantly striving to offer the best Kitchen Cabinets in Dubai possible by focusing on individual requirements and by using our considerable experience and design expertise to create the perfect kitchen or bedroom for you.

Our design expertise, stunning range of designer kitchen Cabinets and high levels of customer service have made us preferred kitchen suppliers to many trade customers.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Choose a cabinet door profile first -Cabinet doors are the most visible design elements in your kitchen, so your door style is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Know your Wood Type and Color - We think most of us know what our dream cabinet color and finish would be. If you aren’t sure about the type of wood, then ask your experienced kitchen designer.

Think about both Function and Beauty - Now you have so many different choices when choosing new cabinets. Once you decide on the type of style, there are even more ways to add personality such as decorative or textured glass doors.

Maximize Every Inch - Lastly, you want to maximize every inch! An efficient kitchen is a happy you! A great place to maximize your space is with your kitchen island.

Kitchen Cabinets create an ambiance; it is an expression of your style. Whether the vision is pristine elegance or contemporary drama, it can be realized with European-style kitchen cabinetry by Maintenance Dxb. Personalizing the design with details that reflect your taste, your unique style and your new space will create the perfect setting for your story.